Fontsy - Emoji & Cool fonts for Kik, Whatsapp, Instagram, Hangouts, Vine, and Tinder 1.0.1 IPA (Iphone)

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Fontsy provides a list of beautiful fonts that can be shared to IM apps and social networks

Fonts and the ability to switch them have been one of the lacks of mobile devices. Fortunately, Bending Spoons came to the rescue with Fontsy, an app that provides a list of beautiful fonts that can be shared with almost any app that uses text installed in your device. Instant Messaging apps and Social Networks are the ones that come to our mind first (Kik, Line, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter...). However, memo, notes, and document-related apps are in most cases supported too. You can even customize the name of your phonebook contacts.

Thus, you can now type any word or sentence in Fontsy, select the font you like most (you can preview the text written in all the listed phones) and share it to the app you choose. The word o sentence you write is automatically copied to clipboard. Thus, you only have to long-press in the chat box (for example), paste it and tap send. Your friends will be impressed.

Although Fontsy comes with a tasteful selection of fonts, there aren't too many in this free version (19 total, 7 of them locked to copy & share). You will either have to upgrade to get more fonts and features or spread the voice in your social media to get some free fonts as a reward.

A good idea, well-implemented but still enhanceable. Recommended.

Developer's original description available here

Stand out and be more popular!!!

Fontsy converts any text into crazy cool fonts that work on every social network and app.

- Pimp your TWEETS to get many MORE RETWEETS
- Enhance your INSTAGRAM comments to get way MORE FOLLOWERS
- Make your FACEBOOK status THE COOLEST your friends have ever seen

MORE FONTS than any other fonts app! Today also with the great EMOJI style!

Have fun!!!


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