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  • Added: 04/14/2015
  • Downloads:51
  • Price: $3.99
  • Size: 44.32 MB
  • Developer: Mi-Clos Studio
  • Pros
    High replayabiilty
    Great mix of graphic design and text
  • Cons
    No lite or trial version
    Lack of animations
    More languages would have been appreciated


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A modern take on pulp sci-fi and gamebooks

Out There follows the usual premises of gamebooks, or choose-you-own-adventures, no matter how you call them. However, your choices aren't limited to choosing this or that path, as you have also to manage your ship and its upgrades, gather hints to decrypt alien languages and explore and probe planets you come across.

This game is vast and throughout all of it you will feel like - well, like an astronaut lost in an unknown galaxy, where every single choice can either save your life (especially true if you're running out of oxygen) or end up throwing you into a cold and quiet death. As many of the non-key elements ('triggers') are randomly generated, replayability is assured from the very first (of many, we hope) replay.

On the other hand, the lack of animated cutscenes and the poor quality of the current animations, regardless of how much of gamebooks' spirirt can be found here. The fact that it's only translated to French and English means it'd hard to enjoy the game if you can't read one or another fluently.

Anyways, Out There is suited for teens and grownups and anyone knowledgeable about how the biggest adventures start by opening the cover of a book... or by tapping on an icon on the desktop.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

Best iPhone and iPad Games of 2014 - TouchArcade
Adventure Game of the Year 2014 runner-up - PocketTactics
Best Games of 2014 - PocketGamer
Gold Medal - PocketGamer
Best Mobile Games of 2014 - Game Informer
Best Game Design Award - Casual Connect EE 2014
Best Mobile Games of 2014 - Gamezebo
Best Indie Games of 2014 - Grab It Magazine

WARNING : This game is hard ! Check the forum for strategy tips : http:outthere.forumactif.org/

You are an astronaut awaking from cryonics not in the solar system, but... out there... in a far and unknown place of the galaxy. In Out There, you will have to survive, tinkering your ship with what you can gather drifting in the void, and spot garden planets to refill your oxygen supply.

Space is an hostile place ; dangerous and mysterious adventures will mark each step of your travel. You will not only meet intelligent species that won’t care about you, but also deal with ancient powers linked to your destiny and the fate of mankind itself.

Survival and understanding of what is really at stake in the galaxy is the core of what Out There has to offer.

Music by award-winning composer Siddhartha Barnhoorn (Antichamber, The Stanley Parable)

• Game Center : 50 achievements, 1 leaderboard
• A dark and melancholic, hard sci-fi adventure
• Explore a freshly procedurally-generated galaxy every new game
• 300+ unique text adventures with multiple choices
• Epic main storyline with 3 different endings
• 8 spaceships with different specs to discover
• Crafting system with 20 alien technologies built from 15 materials
• Engage with alien life forms and learn their language
• No combat ! It’s you against the environment
• Eerie score by award-winning composer Siddartha Barnhoom (Antichamber, The Stanley Parable)
• Fantastic pulp comics graphics
• High replay value