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  • Added: 09/07/2015
  • Downloads:29
  • Price: Free
  • Size: 10M
  • Developer: 9GAG
  • Pros Crowdsource compilation of GIFs, memes, fails... and cats
    Sign up to upload, vote and comment pics
    Share pics
  • Cons Needs hashtags or a better way to search memes by tags
    Needs more categories and pic type filter (GIF, meme, fail...)




9GAG is the best app for you to LOL, kill time and make new friends all around the world.
Best Apps of 2014 Half Year (Entertainment) ||| Google, 2014
Best 10 Apps to Kill Time ||| Techweek Euro, 2015

9GAG is the leading social entertainment platform for humor content with over 80 million monthly visitors.
• Keep yourself happy by discovering funny posts on 9GAG.
• Make your friends laugh by sharing funny posts on 9GAG.
• Have fun together with the funniest people all over the world.

4 reasons that you'd need 9GAG:
• LOL. Life is all about being happy right? 9GAG provides huge amount of funny contents. You'll definitely fall in love with them.
• LOL with your friends. You’ll be happier when sharing happiness with your friends.
• Life is easy. Take a break. Check out 9GAG.
• Actually there are only 3 reasons. Don't read them. They're boring. You'll find more fun by downloading 9GAG! :)

We value your feedback A LOT. Please report bugs or give suggestions to us. Let's make 9GAG a better community together!

Email: support+android@9gag.com


What does 9GAG provide (downloading the app is way easier than reading though):
• Feature the best collection of funny, awesome, wtf, omg, fail, cute, geeky, cosplay photos, GIFs, nsfw, memes, LMAO, rage comics, Vine and viral videos
• Entertain you when you get bored, 9GAG is the best way to kill time!
• Join discussions with the community and make friends from all over the world
• Download the funny pics from 9GAG and share the awesomeness to your friends
• Happiness is only real when shared! Share your humor to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Path, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and Weibo.
• And much much more…

If you like watching prank videos on Youtube or browsing Tumblr, iFunny, Digg, Reddit, Fails, Rage Comics…etc. or any other type of funny pics and videos, we guarantee you would fall in love with 9GAG!
Download it now! We are your best source of happiness and awesomeness.

See what our users are saying about us (be one of them!):
“Can't get enough of this app. I'm addicted to the cats and girls there.” - Rocky ★★★★★
“You know what is better than sex? 9GAG IS BETTER THAN SEX!” - Marco ★★★★★
“Best way to kill time. Kills boredom and makes me laugh. The comment sections are very entertaining and hilarious. Downloading pictures is easy. Pretty cool.” - Zeinab ★★★★★
“I love 9GAG! For people who like reddit, 4chan, imgur, thechive and iFunny, 9GAG is the best app you can get.” - Nico ★★★★★
“Why spend time watching porn when you can actually spend time on 9GAG?” - Ben ★★★★★
“Sex and 9GAG - the only two things you can enjoy without being good at :D” - Alex ★★★★★
“Daily dose of happiness! Those meme, rage comics, fails made me laughed out so hard!” - Justin ★★★★★
“Thanks for making my day! Used to browse cheezburger and iFunny until i found you 9GAG. ” - Nigel ★★★★★
“This app is great for your everyday humor needs.” - Banter ★★★★★
“Got nothing to do? 9GAG's the best option.” - Alvin ★★★★★
“Looking for reddit alternative, imgur alternative, iFunny alternative? This is it.” - David ★★★★★
“I used to browse imgur and iFunny… one day I found out 9GAG and never moved back!” - Mike ★★★★★
“This app makes your day. It has become an integral part of my routine”- Aakash ★★★★★
“It's a great app to post funny and interesting posts! Better than theChive! Really enjoy this and LMAO everyday!”- Eric ★★★★★
“Best place to come when you're tired, alone, not in the mood. Thanks for keeping me on the track”- Carmen ★★★★★

Again, we value your feedback A LOT. Please report bugs or give suggestions to us. Let's make 9GAG a better community together!

Email: support+android@9gag.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/9gag
Instagram: https://instagram.com/9gag
Twitter: https://twitter.com/9gag
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/9gag

Recently changed in this version
- Fixed most image loading issue
- Better scrolling position
- Fixed can't turn on/off NSFW setting
- Fixed saving duplicate images

- Experimental GIF Player. For those users who encounter GIF playback issue, you can try to turn on this player . Located in 'More' -> right hand corner icon to enter 'Settings' page (Support Android 4.1+ only)
- Section with Hot/Fresh!

**By the way, many of you are missing the refresh button, you can tap the 'Home' tab again to refresh!!**

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